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Dime Q&A: Danny Green On How To Make It As A D-League Call-Up

By 07.26.12

Dime: What’s it like on the road in the NBA?
DG: I think our ritual is something that always stays the same, but it’s not something we’re superstitious about. Obviously you gotta bring clothes, and everybody brings their iPad to watch movies and listen to music. There’s not much else that’s really needed—clothes, an attitude that we’re on the road. The biggest thing for us playing wise, is communication, especially on the defensive end of the floor which is why we were playing so well on the trip. When it comes to off the court, you know, we do dinners as a team but sometimes you have to do dinners by yourself at the hotel or get room service. Some places bring different things, but really it’s just about guys living together.

Dime: Was there a favorite city you visited or does it all kind of blend together?
DG: Um, it all kind of blends together actually. Obviously Los Angeles was nice, and Toronto. And it was nice being back in Philly and New Jersey where I got to see my family.

Dime: Were there any funny stories that went on during the trip? Who gets to pick the music on the team bus the atmosphere on the team bus like?
DG: (Laughs.) No, it’s a pretty quiet atmosphere around here. No music on the team bus. Not much entertainment going on around these areas and facilities. Very professional. But a funny story? At one point during the road trip, I had hit a shooting slump. I’d been shooting 0-13 over a two game span, and my teammates and coaches let me know about it. The guys were relentless, especially RJ (Richard Jefferson). There were a lot of jokes coming my way during that slump, but they all knew that every shooter goes through slumps. They knew I’d snap out of it soon enough and they had confidence in me.

Dime: What are the most important things you have to have with you on any road trip?
DG: Phones of course…headphones and computer…not to mention outfits for the games and wallets for the malls (laughs.)

Dime: What’s a good song or album that you always have queued up before a game or landing in a new a city?
DG: I listen to a lot of Drake, Fabolous, Rick Ross, and The Weeknd as of late.

Dime: When you’re coming off the bench in a game, what’s your approaching to staying ready, especially as a shooter?
DG: Stay in the game mentally… keeps you warm. Don’t come in thinking or looking to score or shoot. My thing is energy and defense and that’s what they want from me. But I keep a lot of warm clothes on and keep my mind ready, and stretch during timeouts or whenever I can.

Was Green worth the $12 million the Spurs gave him this summer?

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