The Top 10 1-On-1 Players In The NBA

By: 07.13.12

Wade might be 30 years old going on 34, but he can still dominate when he needs to. Besides, pride is a factor when you’re talking one-on-one. If you lose, it’s almost like you’re walking around naked. Not only does Wade have the all-around offensive skills to win, but along with Paul and Kobe, he’s the least likely star to ever strip down to the bone.

Four or five years ago? There’s no way Wade isn’t at least No. 2 on this list. I’ve said it before but I think he’s made more difficult shots – highlight reel plays – at the rim than any player ever. That includes Michael Jordan. When he was leading the Heat deep into the playoffs as a youngster, Wade seemed to pull two wild shots out of his man purse a night.

However, nowadays, Wade is a little more Earth-bound, and that forces him to rely on his jumper more often. He’s hired a shot coach for the first time in his life this summer, and he’ll need it or we’ll start seeing a lot more stretches like the one he had in the Heat’s final 12 playoff games where he never scored more than 25 in a game and shot only 44 percent.

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