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Kevin Garnett Will Retire As A Celtic; The 1 Thing Tyreke Evans Must Do To Stay With The Kings

By 09.10.12
Tyreke Evans

Tyreke Evans (photo. Nicky Woo)

We’re not the only ones who’ve heard this before out of Sacramento: Tyreke Evans has a really good J. He could stroke it in high school, and rained triples all day in practice with the Kings. But in the games, he struggles. Basically, this means one of two things. One, someone is lying. Or two, Evans can’t shoot under pressure. Sacramento’s coach Keith Smart told that ‘Reke’s perimeter problems stem from confidence. The 6-6 guard isn’t comfortable with his jumper, and for a player often criticized for playing too much isolation ball, Smart says Evans can be reluctant to shoot. The Kings want to see the former No. 4 overall pick in 2009 (who’s still only 22 years old) show some improvement in his jumper or else the trade talks will get louder. As wrote last week, Evans was the fourth-worst shooter in the league amongst all players who took at least three long two-point jumpers a game (only John Wall, Antawn Jamison and Corey Maggette were worse). Evans is one of the most unique players we’ve ever seen. Whenever we watch him play, he screams “future star,” doing things with the ball only a few players in the league can, and yet here we are going into his fourth season in the league and he hasn’t lived up to expectations … In an age of professional sports where people like Ray Lewis are somehow dropping 25 pounds in one summer by biking 40 miles a day (don’t know if we really believe that one), Chris Bosh is apparently putting on some weight so he can man the center spot more often for the Heat next season. Miami loves going small, but we get the feeling this has more to do with Joel Anthony than anything else. If he wasn’t so shockingly bad at times during the tail end of last year, we highly doubt Bosh would be doing this (by the way, Anthony is also still owed almost $12 million). Remember in Toronto when Bosh hated playing center? Yeah, we don’t really get it either. But hey, sometimes when you win a title, priorities change, and in this day and age where everyone is spreading the floor, shooting threes, and playing small forwards at power forward (and power forwards at center), this should give the Heat another edge. The Miami Herald reports the 6-10 lefty is putting on six pounds of muscle to make the switch, but Bosh is probably going to need some more meat if he intends on guarding someone like Philly’s Andrew Bynum … And we’d obviously love to see Allen Iverson in the NBA again. Now you can help. There’s a petition trying to get the Answer back in the league, and while it’s an awesome cause, y’all really think David Stern (or any owner) is going to bow down to a petition? Still, sign it and pray … We’re out like ‘Reke’s J.

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