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By: 10.25.12
Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic (photo. officialsvintage206)

Live Auction: VTG Orlando Magic (I LOVE THIS GAME) NBA SNAP BACK CAP hat
Buy It Now: $50.00, plus shipping
Snapback hats have become fashionable once again. Headwear and apparel companies are busy putting to market facsimiles of the NBA snapbacks made popular two decades ago. The “I Love This Team” design, however, has yet to be replicated. For the uninitiated, the phrase “I Love This Game” was the basis for a long-running NBA ad campaign that coincided with the league’s popularity boom in the 1990s. This hat originates from these promos.

A few things make this hat interesting. First of all, it’s absolutely gorgeous. It also appears to be in remarkable condition for its age. Second, given the popularity of the Orlando Magic at the time (1995), the hat is likely a rare find. I’m frankly surprised that it hasn’t been purchased yet. Although the new old hats are stylish in their own right, like most retro apparel they lack the same sort of appeal possessed by many of the original incarnations. This Orlando Magic snapback hat is a perfect example.

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