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The 10 Current NBA Players With The Most Swag

By 12.10.12

JaVale McGee

There are some people who write about basketball that believe JaVale McGee is conducting his own form of social experiment by living his life. I am one of those people. Before I dive into that, there is one thing that I believe warrants automatic inclusion on this list – his alter ego, Pierre. Anybody willing to go through the mental labor to commit to having an alter ego is clearly trying to get some point across. It’s also a guaranteed way to get people to take notice of you, which gets both JaVale and Pierre swag points.

Pierre contributes heavily to the paradox that is McGee, as does his tendency to clearly goaltend shots and run the wrong way (once!) down the court. Perhaps his errors are magnified by the social media machine, but McGee doesn’t seem to mind. He loves the Twitter machine, truthfully. He has a habit of speaking exclusively through retweets. He actually retweets himself in order to communicate with his followers. Whether his dedication to the retweet is a complex social commentary on how there is enough thought out in the tapestry of social media that one can simply recycle other’s words to represent what one is currently thinking or not is beyond me. It is unique, it is entertaining, and it does help contribute to a sort of mystique in JaVale McGee. It’s hard to be unique anymore, but he has figured out how to do it.

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