LeBron James Becomes Youngest Ever To 20,000 Points; Kyrie Irving Explodes In Crunch Time

By: 01.17.13
Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving (photo. D.L. Anderson)

Watching Kyrie Irving in crunch time of Cleveland’s 93-88 takeout of Portland was like watching The Man Show back in the day. Straight entertainment. He dropped 16 points from the end of the third quarter on, and was so good with the rock, the Blazers started trapping him 30 feet from the rim. Irving (31 points) had a play against Damian Lillard (13 points, seven dimes) where he drove right, had the ball stripped, got it back and then hit a leaner off the glass to put the Cavs up three with just seconds remaining … James Harden (5-for-23 shooting, 20 points) was involved in both of the deciding plays in Houston’s five-point loss to the Mavs. Neither one of them was good. First, he got a face full of Elton Brand on a trip to the rim, and O.J. Mayo (18 points) converted the block into two free throws on the other end to break a tie in the last minute. Then Harden had one more chance, but he bricked a layup (and then milked an eye injury for like five minutes) and Dallas hit the freebies … Was any outcome more predictable last night than Atlanta coming home after that disgusting 40-point loss in Chicago and kicking the crap out of Brooklyn? If the Hawks hadn’t come with some semblance of anger/energy/fuel, someone should’ve checked their pulse to see if they’d been replaced by zombies from The Walking Dead. At least they passed that test, pummeling the red-hot Nets by 14 … Deron Williams (5-for-18 shooting, 12 points, nine assists) admitted earlier this week that he doesn’t think he should be an All-Star, and after watching Jeff Teague (28 points, 11 dimes) turn him into Dee Brown, we agree … In other story lines from Wednesday night: Indiana’s vaunted defense was shredded by the Magic, 97-86, losing despite getting 20 points and 10 boards from Paul George; OKC rolled over Denver, 117-97, as Russell Westbrook scored 25 of his 32 in the first half; San Antonio clamped down on Memphis’ offense in the second half of their 21-point win, holding the Grizz to 28 points in the game’s last 24 minutes, all while Tim Duncan (19 points, five blocks) looked like the best big man on the floor; and Sacramento took out Washington by one after John Wall (10 dimes) missed two late free throws and Bradley Beal (26 points) missed a runner in the closing seconds (Wall had another desperation shot that was off) … Coming out of the J.R. Smith School for Chucking, Kentucky high school senior Rebecca “Becca” Greenwell knocked in 17 three-pointers in one game on Monday night. She took 28 shots – all from beyond the arc – and now might be getting voicemails at her house from the Bobcats’ brass … We’re out like a Manti Te’o/Sarah Phillips hookup.

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