Terrence Ross’ Top 10 Dunks

By: 02.14.13

Terrence Ross

All-Star Weekend is quickly approaching and with it one of the most anticipated spectacles: the Slam Dunk Contest. James White, Kenneth Faried, Gerald Green, Jeremy Evans, Eric Bledsoe and Terrence Ross are the six competitors looking to steal the show come Saturday night.

Today we take a look at the 10 best dunks from Terrence Ross’ career (or at least the ones uploaded to YouTube). Unlike White and Green, who are dunk contest regulars, Ross made a name for himself this year thanks a vicious array of in-game dunks. I’m sure the Toronto Raptors team shop at the Air Canada Centre is stock full of Ross posters not even halfway through his rookie campaign.

Ross is the youngest competitor in the competition and I’m sure there will be plenty of tricks to go along with the youthful spring in his legs.

*** *** ***

First off, the referee that called an offensive foul should have been fined right then and there. Yes, this dunk didn’t technically count, but that didn’t stop Ross from showing Jason Smith just why the #LetRossDunk campaign got started in the first place. There’s no disagreeing that both players were still going full force even though the whistled had already blown. Sorry Jason, Ross-1 Smith-0.

There’s not just one dunk in this video. There are three, and each one is better than the one before it. Technically this brings the list to 12 dunks, but whoever complained about seeing more dunks? Ross would score a then career-high 19 points in this game. With the All-Star Game being in Houston this year, I don’t think it is a mere coincidence that Ross had one of his best games and dunks in this game.

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