Sneak Peek: NBA 2K14 “LeBron Path To Greatness” Mode

By: 09.13.13
LeBron James (photo. 2K Sports)

LeBron James (photo. 2K Sports)

LeBron convinces Kobe Bryant to come out of retirement to join him, CP3 and D-12 for the upcoming season. The Knicks face a really good Detroit Pistons team (the rebounding triplets works?) in a game on the road in Detroit. We didn’t have enough time to see who they would face in the Finals this season, but there should be some mystery with the LeBron’s Path to Greatness, and he’s not going to reach the Finals every year…

LeBron goes back to Cleveland. Yup. He joins Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters in Cleveland as Wade and Kobe retire. In the Finals this season LeBron, Irving and Waiters lead the Cavs against “King John” and the Lakers. King John — as the game calls him — is John Trice a fictional foil to LeBron in the last three seasons of the game mode. “King John” and the Lakers battle the Cavs in Game 7 in Cleveland. Dan Gilbert is weeping in happiness at the thought. Big ups Akron.

The Cavs add Dwyane Wade (who comes out of retirement), and Royce White of all people (stay positive). They have to go against Paul George and the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals, but LeBron is injured before the Finals against Oklahoma City. Curious about the “injury,” we actually checked this Game 7 out. In the narrative, LeBron is told by doctors he can’t play, but he refuses to sit and takes the court. All of LeBron’s otherworldly skills have been diminished because of the fictional injury. Also, keep in mind that LeBron ages during this entire game mode so he’s not at the peak of his powers throughout all seven seasons in either story arc, regardless of health. Never is this more apparent than in this NBA Finals matchup between his Cavaliers and an OKC team with Durant still hungry for a title. We’re guessing this game is one of the hardest to advance past.

LeBron returns to the place where the title-winning all began, Miami, for a last attempt at glory. Miami adds Blake Griffin and Stephen Curry (!!!) to their roster. In the deciding Game 7 of the NBA Finals, LeBron’s new-look Heat go against his fictional nemesis “King John” and the Lakers again. But this time — in the final game of the Fantastic Journey — the Lakers are freakin’ stacked. Besides this made-up “King John,” they add Marc Gasol, Kevin Love, Damian Lillard and Ryan Anderson. Keep in mind that LeBron is in his late-30’s at this point and he just isn’t the dominating force he is right now in his prime. They lower Bron’s skill level (not a lot, but enough). In the final Game 7 on the road against the Lakers, you must take an older LeBron James all the way.

If you’re not excited about the LeBron James “Path to Greatness” mode then you might as well avoid the game altogether. It’s video game and NBA nerd heaven. We can’t wait until it comes out.

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