The Best From The LeBron James Twitter Q & A

By: 01.12.14
Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Andersen

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Andersen (Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports)

In the early morning hours following Miami’s second straight loss in New York, LeBron James finally landed in Miami. Despite the disappointing road trip to New York City, James was still in pretty good spirits at a little over five a.m. ET. So he decided to do a 15 minute question and answer session on Twitter. We culled some of his best reponses for you after the jump, and some are pretty revealing.

Aight, here we go:

This is why LeBron hairline jokes are for “eight-year-olds, dude.”

Ugh, come on LeBron, you know I this guy’s art sometimes annoys me.

If he had tweeted this next one more than three years ago, people would have jumped all over him for it. Thank God we live in a different time now:

We’re actually a little surprised about this next admission, but we sort of agree. Brandon Knight and Kris Humphries can attest to this:

We had no idea LeBron was an EPL fan?

We agree with this next triumvirate.

This is the perfect response to a pretty silly question about Kobe:

Click for LeBron’s favorite quote, and his self-deprecating advice…

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