5 Reasons You Should Be Playing Daily Fantasy Basketball

01.17.14 4 years ago
Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis (Derick E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports)

There’s basketball on every night during the winter to warm your frosty toes after a long day at work, but the slog of the season can get tiresome after a while. Why not add some excitement while also adding to your bank account? That’s the genius behind Daily Fantasy Basketball at DraftKings.com. You’re getting rewarded for watching basketball, something you’re doing anyway.

Here are five reasons you should be playing Daily Fantasy Basketball

1) Your chances to win just went way up simply because you’re reading this article

If you click on any of the links in this article, you get a free contest entry with any new deposit. So you’re already up on the people who weren’t smart enough to read this piece.

2) This is the last week to play fantasy football, but fantasy basketball is just getting started

Maybe you got crushed during your annual season of fantasy football, and watching the last two rounds of the playoffs is pissing you off. You need to get your fantasy mojo back. Plus, there is less luck involved in daily fantasy basketball. More nuance comes into play for your selections, so your basketball IQ will play a role. Luck isn’t as significant a factor as it is in football, where your chances hang on the whims of the Football Gods.

3) Your season long team sucks

With so many teams trying to position themselves for the sexy 2014 NBA Draft class, perhaps you root for one of those teams looking to tank their way into a franchise-saving player this summer? Daily Fantasy Basketball cuts through the ambiguity of rooting for a team you know should be trying to lose for success down the road. Plus, you can use your knowledge of the tanking teams for daily winnings.

4) You want to treat your girlfriend to something nice on Valentine’s day

Did we mention it pays? Rather than keep your basketball intelligence a secret you’ve always wished had some practical value, now you can afford to take that special someone out on Valentine’s Day because of all NBA knowledge. But you should probably avoid explaining how much you love the pick-and-roll when you’re out for dinner.

5) If nothing else, watching the NBA just got a lot more exciting

Listen, with so many games on so many nights, regular season NBA basketball can wear down even the most ardent fan. Now you can add some adrenalin-pumping action to your nightly diet of games. This way, when a contest turns into a blowout, you’re still on the edge of your seat.


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