Aldridge is “D-League”

12.19.07 10 years ago 4 Comments

Life is good when you’re winning. Teams are loose and everyone gets along. Check out this post from The Oregonian‘s Blazers blog about LaMarcus Aldridge‘s recovery from plantar fasciitis:

Aldridge, the Blazers’ second-leading scorer (18.6) and leading rebounder (7.7) missed the past five Blazers games with plantar fasciitis in his right foot. Aldridge described the condition as feeling like someone was stabbing him with a knife in the bottom of his foot every time he took a step.

However, during the Blazers light practice on Tuesday, Aldridge said he felt no pain. I say light practice – it was for everybody but Aldridge and Josh McRoberts. While everyone else did shooting drills, Aldridge and McRoberts went at it one-on-one … until Aldridge sent McRoberts to the floor with an elbow to his left eye. After trainer Jay Jensen came running out to the court to check on McRoberts, the rookie shook it off, and resumed his battle with Aldridge. Not five minutes later, McRoberts ripped the thumbnail off his right hand, forcing him to the trainer’s room for good.

“I’m trying to get back and be physical, but then I was hurting him, so he quit,” Aldridge said chuckling. “So then I had to go one-on-nobody. Nobody will guard me today.”

Aldridge did get in enough of a workout to be drenched in sweat. Perhaps his workout was motivated by the new nickname he has been given by the team: “D-League.”

“Yeah, they call me D-League now, because they say I have to go to the D-League to get my rhythm back,” Aldridge said, referring to the Development League. “And I said there is no way I’m going to the D-League.”

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