Amazing Photo: Look at How High LeBron James Gets on This Alley Oop Attempt

03.04.13 5 years ago

lebron james alley oop

Did you watch the Heat/Knicks game on National TV yesterday? There was a play in the second half where LeBron James went up to catch a fast break alley oop. The only Knick back was J.R. Smith, who not wanting to get caught under an atomic dunk, went up to get the pass himself, or at the very least, disrupt the oncoming freight train of destruction.

Here’s the thing though: As great of an athlete as Smith is, he’s only human. Everything we’ve seen out of LeBron over the last month+ tells us he’s not of this basketball universe.

On this particular play, LeBron couldn’t finish and actually came down awkwardly on his knee. Regardless, the athletic display is incredible. Check out this larger shot:

lebron james alley oop

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