Andre Drummond Will Knock You Out If You Come On To His Mom

05.18.14 3 years ago
 Christine Cameron

Andre Drummond, Christine Cameron (photo. Instagram/andredrummond)

Pistons center Andre Drummond is enjoying his offseason with his mom in Hawaii, and posted a picture with her on Instagram. One of the first comments made mention her looks in a lurid manner. Dre took exception to the comment and responded.

Via SB Nation’s Tom Ziller, comes this screenshot of the interaction — now since gone — involving Drummond and the commenter:

Andre Drummond IG post

Andre Drummond IG post (screenshot via SB Nation)

It shouldn’t bare mentioning, but we’ll say it anyway: don’t do that. Drummond is seven feet tall and 270 pounds, big even by NBA standards.

(SB Nation)

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