Andrew Bynum or Greg Oden? You Choose

09.04.08 9 years ago 68 Comments
Greg Odenphoto by Mannion

Andrew Bynum updated his blog to let fans know how his rehab from knee surgery is going:

For the past six weeks I’ve been here in Atlanta preparing for the upcoming season. The first couple of weeks were really to get my wind back and strengthen my leg. Wow was I out of shape, but fortunately it came back pretty fast. I have my mile run back down in the low sixes, I’m playing way above the rime, dunking the ball like crazy, and my leg is 100% pain free with no swelling. My trainer, Dr. Sean Zarzana, has me doing all types of workouts from track, strength, balance, basketball, stretching and yoga. All of the routines are extremely challenging, but I can feel my body returning to the form from. We will be returning to LA in the next few days to continue these workouts, and I am really looking forward to practicing with the coaching staff and all of my teammates as well. This week Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss stopped in for a visit. They watched me go through an upper body/track workout.

That got me to thinking – who is going to have more of an impact this season, Bynum or Greg Oden? You guys might be familiar with my skepticism of Oden and of what he’ll be able to do in the NBA in the immediate future (prime examples HERE and HERE). Truth be told though, I’m pretty skeptical of what Bynum will be able to contribute as well.

Last season we got a great glimpse into what Bynum could be some day. His game is clearly still so raw, but the tools of greatness are there – 7-feet tall, strong, athletic, blocks shots, has some touch and shows good footwork. It seems like one of the biggest things holding him back has been confidence. You could see in games early last season before the injury that Bynum was learning on the fly; there were actually times last year when you could see him realizing that not only he could play in the League, but also that he could physically dominate an NBA game.

But confidence is also what makes me unsure of how Bynum, and Oden for that matter, will bounce back this season. Any athlete who has ever suffered a major injury, especially one involving a knee, knows that a HUGE part of the rehab process is rebuilding the confidence to go full bore on the court. How will they handle the rigors of camp and getting themselves into “NBA” shape? How will they react the first time they get tangled up under the boards or land awkwardly? How each one of these guys reacts to these little obstacles will dictate their respective paths, and their teams’ paths, this season.

So here’s the question for you: Who will have a better season, Bynum or Oden? And who would you rather have on your team?


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