Andrew Bynum’s Year From Hell Gets Even Worse

11.29.12 5 years ago

Andrew Bynum

The Philadelphia 76ers took a big risk when they swung the three-team deal that brought Andrew Bynum to Philly. After Bynum’s recent bowling misadventures, he’s out indefinitely with another knee injury and subsequent rehabilitation while his new team battles on without him. It’s a worrisome sign for Sixers fans that finally had a franchise cornerstone to lead their stagnant offense in the post. But now, after revelations stemming from a lawsuit Bynum filed in Westchester, California, his emotional maturity will again be called into question. It’s looking more and more clear that Sixers management, primarily new GM hire, Tony DiLeo, has a huge question about whether to re-sign the petulant big man.

Andrew Bynum sued his former neighbors, the Becketts, earlier this year and the Becketts moved out. It might have been a case of a premeditated lawsuit because Bynum knew the Becketts were about to go after him in court. The Becketts’ counter-suit has brought this and more to light, especially about Bynum’s churlish behavior in the mansion adjacent:

The Becketts say that Bynum’s lawsuit was a preemptive measure that came when Bynum knew that the couple planned to file suit against the Sixer. They promptly responded with a countersuit that accuses Bynum of brandishing a gun to intimidate them, allowing weed smoke to drift next door, blasting his video games at “window shaking volumes,” letting his dogs run loose through the neighborhood, racing his luxury cars, and blasting rap music with profane lyrics – specifically “Currency” by Trina, featuring Lil Wayne and Rick Ross – at loud volumes.

The mental image of a coiffed Bynum listening to “Currency,” and playing Call of Duty or NBA 2K at “window shaking volumes” is a fun one to conjure up. Bynum has refuted the Becketts’ claims, but if they’re true, it’s yet another stain on Bynum’s time in Philly, and it’s in direct conflict with any chance he has to get paid like the max player many feel he can be – when healthy, that is.

While it might seem like we’re picking on poor Andrew, we just want him to grow up. Bynum is over seven feet tall and approaching 300 pounds, yet sometimes still seems to act like a teenager. Hopefully, Bynum is proved correct in this case, but this is just another in a laundry list of headaches Bynum has suffered since coming East.

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