Baller’s Blueprint: Ben Gordon’s Step-Back Jumper

07.01.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

In every issue of Dime, we run a feature called “The Baller’s Blueprint,” where we get up with different NBA players and have them break down their signature moves and skills. Yesterday we ran with Rajon Rondo‘s Baller’s Blueprint on his fake behind-the-back pass – a move that seemed to earn a ton of hate from readers. So today we wanted to come back with another Baller’s Blueprint from the Blake Griffin issue. This one features Ben Gordon breaking down the patented step-back J that he’s hoping will earn him serious loot on the free agent market …

“Most of the time I’m looking at creating contact with my defender. Maybe if I can’t get around him, I’ll look to try and create contact with my shoulder or my body and kinda get him off balance and step back.

“The most important thing on a step-back though is having your feet under you. You don’t want to step back – when you create that space, you need to be on-balance so you can get up in the air and get a clean shot off. It’s definitely a tough shot, but with a lot of practice I’ve been able to be pretty good at it.

“It’s something that I pretty much work on all the time in the summer time. And then once I get into the season, it’s something that is a part of my warm-up and pre-game routine. I don’t work on it during the season as much as I do in the summer because now it’s a part of my game. I just try and refine it every once in a while, make sure it’s still sharp.

“I think the step-back is an unstoppable move. You just have to do it at the right time. Of course everything can be defended well, but I think a lot of players who use that move, they wait for the right moment and the right time and its effective.”

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