Blake Griffin’s Ping-Pong Career Comes to an Abrupt End

12.07.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Blake Griffin Red Bull

The end of the NBA Lockout not only signifies the return of pro basketball, but also the abrupt end of all the side projects and budding non-hoops careers that players had been pursuing during their down time.

Apparently, Blake Griffin‘s professional ping-pong career is one of those casualties, with the end coming at the hands of this model/ping-pong pro Soo Yeon Lee.

Soo Yeon Lee

We got this from our friends at Red Bull this morning:

During the extended hiatus, while other players were filling their time traveling the world, dancing with celebrities, getting hitched, or even playing football, Blake Griffin decided to branch out into a new career. Without basketball, Griffin’s limitless competitive spirit led him to a new professional sport: ping-pong.

Upon announcing his signing with Red Bull, Griffin set his eyes on becoming the most dominant ping-pong player on the planet. After extensive training, Griffin tested his skills against professional player and model Soo Yeon Lee in a friendly exhibition match. A video of his foray into ping-pong is available at

Unfortunately for Griffin, his huge wingspan and massive strength were no match for Lee’s ping-pong prowess, and he was soundly defeated. Luckily, Griffin can now return to his day job, and mercifully put his career as a ping-pong pro on hold.

“Red Bull gave me a chance to test my skill level against a true ping-pong champion and I am very appreciative,” said Griffin. “With that said, it’s time to set aside those aspirations for now and focus all my energy on the season and helping my team win.”

Watch the swift end of Blake’s ping-pong career here:

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