Chris Paul To The Lakers Trade Talks Are Back On; Vince Carter Close To Signing With Dallas

12.10.11 6 years ago 45 Comments
Chris Paul

Chris Paul (photo. Zach Wolfe)

Of all five teams that the New Orleans fiasco sort of screwed over this week (Los Angeles, New Orleans, Houston, the Knicks and Boston), it’s the Lakers who are probably hurting the most to get these talks kick-started and moving again. Lamar Odom isn’t feeling the love right now, and showed up for just a few moments during practice yesterday. So there’s no doubt in our minds that they’re working feverishly right now. The teams were given the green light to start talking again so all three are back to the negotiating table, attempting to tweak what they thought was a sure thing just a few days ago. But what will be the result of this? The league has set a precedent with their despicable actions. How exactly can they go back on their word and approve any deal now where CP goes to the Lakers? Meanwhile, the Lakers are screwed in every which way. How about the fact that Derek Fisher is the president of the union so he sort of has to back Chris Paul and the trade in this, basically publicly saying “Hey Pau, Lamar. I love you guys, but I’m in support of this trade and believe it should be able to go through.” We don’t care how psychotic Kobe Bryant is, if this trade doesn’t go through soon, it’s going to be a long and crazy year in L.A. … Check out this tweet from Beto Duran, who works for ESPN Radio, from the first day of Lakers’ camp: Kobe on Pau & Odom “they’ll get over it. Don’t win back 2 back by being soft emotionally.” This dude is ruthless. We love it … Dwight Howard glossed over most questions yesterday on the first day of training camp, and left open the possibility that his team of people did meet with execs this week from the Nets. We know there are rumors Howard wants to steer himself there, and also reports he met with the team’s front office in recent days, but nothing is clear right now. The big wrench being thrown into the middle of all this is the Nets. Do they actually even want Howard? We know it sounds crazy, but reports are saying New Jersey is prepared to offer Nene a contract for around four years, $65 million, and Nene’s decision could come at any moment (another reason for Houston to get moving on the CP deal. They were prepared to offer big money to bring Nene in as a result of shedding salary). Yahoo! Sports writes that the team is in trouble with and reports that they did hold that illegal meeting in Miami this week with owner Mikhail Prokhorov, Billy King and Howard. And while Orlando has denied it, reported the Magic may file tampering charges. Do you think this Nene attraction is a ploy by New Jersey to simply get the cops off their back? They could face stiff penalties if found guilty … The Kings re-signed one of the most underrated players in the league, two guard Marcus Thornton, to a five-year $40 million contract (it’s being reported that it’s actually for four years, $31 million). At first glance, you’re probably thinking they would’ve been better off using that money on a big man. Rightfully so. They could use some more size next to DeMarcus Cousins. But even though they picked up another small gunner – Jimmer Fredette – and still have Tyreke Evans, this was absolutely necessary. Thornton might’ve very easily been their best player last season and no one knows it. Just check the numbers: in 27 games in Sacramento, he dropped over 21 a night with 4.7 rebounds and 3.4 assists, and even added nearly two rips a game. He’s 24 years old. We say kudos to the Kings, even though most will look at that deal and laugh … LaMarcus Aldridge will miss at least a week after heart test revealed another episode of Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome, a condition he’s had episodes with before. It involves an irregular heartbeat, and while people around the team are very optimistic about a full recovery, stuff like this is always scary … Keep reading to hear how Vince Carter is about to be reunited again with Jason Kidd …

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