Did LeBron Hint at a Euroleague move 18 months ago?

08.07.08 9 years ago 28 Comments
LeBronLeBron in Dime #31

What seemed like a harmless hypothetical at first has picked up steam as a legit story to keep an eye on for the next couple of year. The idea of LeBron James switching team in 2010 is no longer just scaring the Cavs; if he seriously entertains a $50 million-per offer from Olympiakos (Greece), he’ll have the entire NBA worried.

Amar Panchmatia of the popular Cavs blog Cavalier Attitude recently dug into the Dime archives while exploring the issue. He quotes LeBron’s Dime #31 cover story from February 2007:

“I want to expand. I don’t just want to be known in the U.S. That’s not anough for me,” LeBron explains. “I’m very focused on globalizing the LeBron James brand.”

Well – there you have it.

LeBron James, a 23-year old African American from Akron, Ohio, rivals Chinese-born Yao Ming in popularity in Yao’s own country of China. LeBron’s marketing campaign has gone above and beyond making him a household name on even the other side of the world. The Olympics present him with a unique opportunity since the host city is Beijing, and it’s no surprise that James’ camp is zeroing in on these games as a chance to exponentially grow his popularity in the largest country in the world.

That’s the good thing. As a Cavs fan, you like that, because more exposure for LeBron means more exposure for the Cavs and the city of Cleveland. Nobody gets hurt.

Until the whole “Olympiakos” thing came out of nowhere.

SOURCE: Cavalier Attitude

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