Donald Sterling doesn’t know why the Clippers aren’t big-time

08.17.10 7 years ago 20 Comments

Drink up, Randy Foye

If the NBA worked like the U.S. Government, they would have sent paratroopers into Los Angeles decades ago and removed Clippers owner Donald Sterling from his position of power.

Unfortunately (for Clippers fans), the much-criticized and generally awful Sterling won’t be going anywhere until he decides to sell the team, or has the organization ripped from his cold, dead hands.

If you needed another example of Sterling’s out-of-touch-ness, check this out from Pro Basketball Talk:

Sterling was at the Clippers unveiling of their new uniforms and got needled by Los Angeles Times sportswriter and curmudgeon T.J. Simers, who loves to have fun with those who don’t get it.

Like how they went after LeBron and ended up with Randy Foye and Ryan Gomes.

Or, as Sterling put it, “If I really called the shots we wouldn’t have signed Gomes and what’s the other guy’s name?”

“You know, they told me if we built a new practice facility we’d attract all the top players in the game,” Sterling adds. “I guess I should have doubled the size of this place.”

Sterling believes the Clippers should have had a better shot at LeBron and doesn’t really understand why he focused elsewhere. He brushes aside the idea that LeBron was impacted by the fact Sterling has been taken to court by former coach Mike Dunleavey, who is trying to collect money on his guaranteed contract. (Former general manager Elgin Baylor also is suing the Clippers.)

In the L.A. Times story, Sterling also addressed a situation where the Clippers were reportedly offered a first-round draft pick in exchange for DeAndre Jordan this year.

“My people didn’t want to do that,” said Sterling. “I would have.”

For years, I’ve been saying the League needs to step in an do something if possible. If you can’t force Sterling out, find a way to move the Clippers out of L.A., because all you’re doing is wasting a major market on a minor-league franchise. I would LOVE if the Clips were shipped to Seattle, but even then, the thought of Sterling coming along with the package gives everybody in my hometown a pause.

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