Double Trouble

08.27.11 6 years ago 31 Comments

We might not believe Miami has it all figured out. But Dwyane Wade seems to think so. During an appearance on ESPN Radio, Wade said himself and LeBron “figured it out” and did a good job working together, in part because they are such good friends and get along so well. It’s still so hard to figure the relationship out because the season was so up and down. One week, they’d look unbeatable. The next, they’d lose a few games in a row. Then, they would storm through the playoffs before finally melting down in the Finals. What exactly was all that? A success? A failure? One thing we can say for the Big Three in Miami, they all like each other and enjoy playing together. With most, actually more like every other combo or great group of All-Stars who come together at a young age, they have issues. These guys don’t. Bad news for the rest of the league moving forward … Former NBA player Javaris Crittenton has been charged with the murder of a 22-year-old woman. Jullian Jones was shot and killed while walking on an Atlanta Street. Police don’t believe she was the intended target, but do believe Crittenton was looking for retaliation after being robbed in April. We have no idea what went down, but no matter what happens, this has been a quick fall for Crittenton, who at one point looked like he was going to be a decent player after the Lakers drafted him out of Georgia Tech … Brandon Jennings is having himself a summer to remember. However, we’ve already met a few people overreacting, saying Jennings is now one of the best point guards in the league and how he’s gonna destroy everyone once the season starts. They need to remember this is his element, the playground. He has the perfect type of game to show out on the blacktop and in summer leagues. In the league, he’s still got a little ways to go before he’s an upper echelon PG. He can get there, and who knows? Maybe this is the year he does it. Either way, he explains a little bit of why he is so good in summer ball in this unreal Q&A with ESPN Los Angeles. He says it’s kind of funny that he’s from L.A. and is still always compared to guys like Kenny Anderson and Tiny Archibald. Plus, he calls Baron Davis the “Godfather” of L.A. basketball. Nowadays when you look at B Diddy, that nickname seems to fit. Maybe it’s the beard … What is Mother Nature doing to the East Coast? First an earthquake, and now a possible hurricane. Check out this video from a set at right when the earthquake hits. The dude in the middle is comedy. “Should we…go somewhere?”Stephon Marbury announced on Twitter, to very little fanfare, that he is signing with the Beijing Ducks. As you can see by some of his tweets like this one: Because of the President of the United State I am able to create peace treaties across the globe. He allowed me to see different and this one: I know people don’t like me and that’s ok because people hated Jesus and that was ok to. I’m tagging my page because I’m happy. I control he’s still doing the Starbury thing. Whatever that is … And one chick you don’t want to date is Jantel Lavender, a rookie with the L.A. Sparks of the WNBA. Allegedly, she has beaten up her boyfriend multiple times, and he has been “in hiding” for over a month because of her hostility. “Rasputia” Lavender choked her husband out on two different occasions and also threatened to kill him. Have any of y’all ever been in a relationship with a woman, even a professional athlete, who just straight up wasn’t taking anything from you? If that was one of our boys, we’d have to slap some strength into him … We’re out like Starbury.

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