We Reminisce: The First Tweets Of 25 NBA Stars

03.24.14 4 years ago


Twitter has turned into the ESPN of the social media world, especially for our favorite hoopers. It’s a place where the average person can see what Kevin Durant is thinking on a Sunday afternoon, or Kobe‘s daily thoughts.

Now that Twitter is here to stay, no one can imagine life without it, right? To celebrate eight years since the first tweet, the overlords at Twitter recently gave everyone the ability to access their first tweet. Here at Dime, we decided to look at some of our favorite hoopers and see what their first tweets looked like.

With Twitter being eight years old, it’s curious to look at tweets from the likes of Steph Curry and Blake Griffin, who were still young pups when they launched their first tweet.

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Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5)
The future MVP of the 2014 NBA season first entered the Twitter world in 2009, which was his second season in the NBA and the inaugural season of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Besides tweeting, Durant was putting up 25.3 points, 6.5 rebounds and 2.8 assists in his sophomore season. Kevin Durant has since tweeted over 21,000 times since then, which is about 4,000 tweets per year. That’s advanced analytics Twitter style!


Blake Griffin (@BlakeGriffin32)
The Los Angeles Clippers have gone from “Lob City” to the “Blake Griffin Show” this season. Griffin is having his best season as a pro, averaging 24.4 points and 9.7 boards. However, his first tweet takes us back to 2009, when Griffin was still throwing down at the University of Oklahoma. The tweet refers to Griffin celebrating his brother’s birthday, in no other place, but Los Angeles. Was this tweet a foreshadow to the future or what?


DeMarcus Cousins (@boogiecousins)
DeMarcus Cousins joined the Twitter world in 2010, when he was finishing up his only season at the University of Kentucky. Boogie Cousins didn’t quite understand Twitter at first, like most of us, and his first tweet definitely voices that. Cousins has tweeted less than 4,500 times since his first tweet. Maybe he still doesn’t get the hang of it–or he’s too busy putting up 22.3 points and 11.8 boards this season.


LeBron James (@KingJames)
King James first tweeted in the summer of 2010, also known as the summer of The Decision. LeBron James doesn’t tweet that often, probably too busy winning NBA championships. However, he has been known to tweet every now and then, most recently when his Samsung device deleted all the information off of his smartphone. James is one of the main spokesman for the Samsung Galaxy, so these tweets may remind us why we don’t see King James on Twitter as much as we might like.


Chris Paul (@CP3)
Point god, Chris Paul, sits atop the list of best point guards in the NBA, without any arguments from anyone. Since his first tweet in 2009, Paul has amassed over three million Twitter followers, but only 4,800 tweets. Even though he’s not that active on Twitter, Clippers fans would much rather have their star on the court instead of on his phone.


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