Happy Birthday, Grant Hill! His Top 10 NBA Moments

10.05.12 5 years ago
Grant Hill

Grant Hill turns 40 today, one of the game’s greatest in his Detroit prime yet still one of its greatest comeback stories today. His career path is well trod now, but one of the very best to not win a ring has that chance as a Clipper. The man whose ankles nearly killed him has played about five years without even ankle braces, a remarkable story that he hopes ends in storybook fashion this season alongside Chris Paul and Blake Griffin in Los Angeles.

It’s an easy chance to bring back my top 10 favorite moments of Hill’s career in the NBA, but it’s also a chance to remember that beneath the player who sat next to first lady Michelle Obama at the London Olympic opening ceremonies, who plays piano and writes op-ed rebuttals to Jalen Rose in The New York Times, there’s a player who will do anything to win. He doesn’t get enough credit for that drive, even thought it’s kept him going at now age 40. We can bring him up as one side of one of the most frustrating NBA debates, ever, or remember the amazing that went with the bad. Here’s Hill’s top 10 moments.

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This is NBA moments, so I’m leaving out his heave to Christian Laettner to beat Kentucky, the most memorable play in NCAA Tournament history. I will, however, include this heat-seeking dime to Shannon Brown to get two easy points against the Kings.

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