Jay-Z Is Big Behind The Scenes With The Nets; Steph Curry Is Nearly Full Strength

By: 08.16.12

Did you know how small Jay-Z‘s ownership of the Brooklyn Nets is? It’s got to be decent, you’d think, what with his face on billboards around Manhattan, being at the shovel ceremony for the Barclays Center and having about four of his other business interests tied into the team’s new arena. Actually, it’s tiny: one-fifteenth of one percent, reported The New York Times today. But if teams want to lure in a big fish celebrity to co-own a pro team (even if they’re not spending relatively much — Mr. Carter put down $1 million) you can be sure they’ll watch this other Brooklyn blueprint. There are a bunch of great anecdotes in the story but some include him telling arena operators to not play much Jersey boy music (sorry Springsteen, sorry Bon Jovi); that he personally got approval from the NBA for a black-and-white uniform and logo scheme; and that principal owner Bruce Ratner warmed to Jay’s investment when he learned there were — we kid you not — “radio versions” of his songs that left out the cussing, etc., making him more palatable for the other investors and David Stern. Perhaps the best part that brings this whole thing full circle is that Jason Kidd, the new point guard of the New York Knicks — the very franchise the Nets are trying to woo fans away from — came up with the idea for Jay-Z to buy the franchise to begin with. … John Salley today said MJ wasn’t in the top five players of all-time, an omission made worse by putting Kevin McHale ahead of him. McHale: Great player. Better than MJ? No, no, no. If this goes back to some Pistons-Bulls beef we’d have to say, take off the Detroit-colored glasses and acknowledge MJ’s rightful spot among any and everyone’s top two. … STAT is looking nice with his post-game improvement, his new champion, Hakeem Olajuwon, is saying. Saying that Amar’e is staying for two weeks with Olajuwon outside of Houston instead of the typical three or four days other stars do, the Dream referenced Stoudemire’s spin move that is becoming lethal. “He could spin all day,” he told the New York Times. But is that change, necessary as it is, too much too late? … The KD IV ‘Gold” colorway is dropping Saturday, a month after being announced, but don’t tell that to sneakerheads in New York City. According to a sighting by our Dime fam co-founder Josh Gotthelf, there is already a line for these kicks on 34th Street on Thursday afternoon. KD seems like the superstar who would totally go stop by and hang out with those fans, too, maybe shoot the breeze or play a little flag football. Will you cop? … Andrew Bynum continues to endear himself to Philly fans with his latest round of interviews today in the city of Brotherly Love. He went on the radio to say: “I don’t like to jump around, jump ship, a lot. I was with the Lakers for seven years. I want to be here for that or even longer.” Like we said last night here, there is zero percent chance he leaves Philadelphia in the next offseason. The biggest worry you could have as a Sixers fan is whether the player who has everything he wants uses the power for good (making teammates better, becoming a player management can trust) or bad (taking 30 shots a game, indiscriminately). Maybe he even undergoes a Kobe-like maturation, where the volume takes precedence early, but then he begins to be more of a facilitator and leader later who does anything for another title. … Hit the jump to see how Arron Afflalo found out he was traded…

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