Why The Lakers Aren’t ‘Front-Runners’ To Sign Kevin Durant

02.21.16 1 year ago 3 Comments
Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant wants to win. As one of the five best players in the NBA, Durant doesn’t want to waste his prime on a rebuilding team that may compete for a championship in a few years if all of the pieces fall as they’re supposed to. He’s had a taste of the Finals, but never a championship, and likely has no interest in taking a step back. It’s for that reason, as Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical told Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead on FOX Sports radio, that, despite other rumors, Durant probably won’t head to the Los Angeles Lakers this summer.

“The Lakers are not front-runners for Kevin Durant, he wants to win a championship. If he leaves Oklahoma, he may end up staying there and I’ve written that. Golden State is a team that is worrisome for Oklahoma City — that’s a team that has Kevin Durant’s attention. Kevin Durant wants to win a championship right away and either he wants to do that in Oklahoma City with the group they have or he’s going to go somewhere where he can win a title right away.

“Kevin Durant doesn’t care if they have the first pick, the second pick, third pick; no free agent cares. No free agent of his stature cares what draft pick a team has because that guy is not going to help them win championships in the next two or three years. And if Kevin Durant leaves Oklahoma, he wants to be ready to win a championship right away. He’s at a point in his career where he can’t wait two or three years and hope that it happens. I think part of his criteria, sources tell me, will be, ‘Is that team good enough to beat Golden State with me on it? Or is it Golden State? Or can I stay in Oklahoma and continue to be able to do that and compete for a championship?

“Listen, I just don’t think that the Lakers are a real significant factor for Kevin Durant.”

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