KG Pierces the Knicks

11.23.09 8 years ago 26 Comments

Kevin Garnett

Heading down the stretch of Celtics/Knicks, Paul Pierce and Al Harrington were all set to battle it out for the right to hit the game-winner. Harrington was picking apart Boston’s D from all angles, while Pierce capitalized on New York’s defensive strategy that apparently involved leaving him wide open around the arc. After Harrington’s free throws tied it with 4.7 seconds left in the fourth, you expected Doc Rivers to have some brilliant play drawn up; he’s usually good for that. Instead, Rajon Rondo (14 pts, 9 rebs, 10 asts, 4 stls) took the inbounds, dribbled in place like he had all the time in the world, and jacked up a contested jumper at the last second. Not their best work … In overtime, though, it didn’t come down to Harrington (30 pts, 5 threes) or Pierce (33 pts, 6 threes). With nine seconds left Larry Hughes tried a pick-and-pop with Harrington, and when the Celtics didn’t bite, Plan B was a pick-and-roll with David Lee that led to a game-tying dunk. Pierce and KG then went pick-and-pop, and when Lee and Wilson Chandler decided to follow Pierce and leave Garnett alone, he stuck the game-winner at the buzzer. Then he saluted somebody in the crowd and said something about a “motherf***er” … Tracy Morgan was sitting courtside next to somebody that looked like Bun B, but we couldn’t really tell. At halftime Tracy was interviewed and asked what’s something he can’t live without. “Women!” Tracy said to the suddenly uncomfortable female reporter … Is this new diet making Eddy Curry have mood swings? One time E-City went up for a shot with Kendrick Perkins all over him, and thinking he should have gotten a foul call, got over-the-top pissed at the ref. When Rondo rebounded the miss and had his back turned to Curry in mid-air, Curry punctuated his argument by clubbing Rondo in the back. Curry got a flagrant … Vince Carter took a page from the Gilbert Arenas “wacky” playbook. Unable to hit the side of a barn in the first half of Magic/Raptors, Vince changed his shoes at halftime — into the same shoes he wore when he dropped 26 on Boston the other day — and proceeded to stick it to his old team again, finishing with a game-high 24 points in Orlando’s win … Of course the Toronto fans booed Vince whenever he blinked, breathed or otherwise did anything. Remember when they said Wizards fans should stop booing LeBron and giving him reasons to torch their team? Maybe Toronto fans should think about that … “I think half the people don’t have any idea why they’re booing him, it’s just become tradition to boo him,” Stan Van Gundy said after the game. “That’s OK. He thinks it’s funny, we think its funny. It’s really irrelevant.” … Other big stat lines from Sunday: Steve Nash had 20 points and nine dimes in a rout of the Pistons; Nazr Mohammed scored 18 to lead the Bobcats past the Pacers; and Kobe put up 26 points — including a left-handed runner to beat the clock that he released in about 0.1 seconds and a behind-the-backboard shot — to beat the Thunder … Here’s a superstar move: Late fourth quarter, Heat/Hornets tied up, D-Wade takes off on a 1-on-2 fast break. Seeing what’s ahead of him, Wade slows down, goes to the left wing, and before his teammates really caught up to get in position to rebound, he jacks a three with a man in his face. Yeah, he made it. That’s not the point. If it were Eddie House or Flip Murray we’d be talking about what a terrible shot that was; D-Wade (31 pts) can get away with it … Udonis Haslem was the man down the stretch, though. He hit a baseline jumper with 45 seconds left to tie it, and with about 20 seconds left, UD banked in a jumper from the elbow to put Miami ahead. New Orleans had a chance at the end, but without Chris Paul, they were stuck with David West trying his best D-Wade impersonation that led to a brick … We’re out like Curry’s temper …

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