Kyrie Irving Is A Man Amongst Boys; Andrew Bynum Feels DeMarcus Cousins’ Pain

02.25.12 6 years ago 69 Comments
Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving (photo. D.L. Anderson)

Remember when everyone was so concerned about taking Kyrie Irving No. 1 overall this summer? Between his ROY play so far this year and last night’s dominating performance in the Rising Stars Challenge, he’s shut everyone up. Last night he won MVP by leading Team Chuck to a 146-133 victory over Team Shaq by going OFF for 34 points, nine assists and not missing a three (in eight attempts) all night. Despite the presence of Linsanity, unbelievable highlights from John Wall and Evan Turner‘s forgotten about near-trip-dub, Irving showed he’s the real deal … On a night when there was less defense than an early ’90s Loyola Marymount game, John Wall (17 points) capped off the night with a behind-the-back dunk. The greatest part might’ve been the following play when he tried to do it again: Greg Monroe played it off like he wasn’t going to stop him, and then snuck in and stole it … When was the last time you saw two point guards – Irving and Wall – combine for a lob? They did it on Wall’s first play of the game… and then Wall came down and smashed Norris Cole‘s layup into the stands. That was more embarrassing for N. Cole than the time on Thursday night when he dunked and nearly broke his face … Ricky Rubio was playing/passing like a 2000 Rookie Challenge version of Jason Williams. He had one pass in the second half where he threw sort of a reverse behind-the-back. Awesome. He also had a crazy move off the screen-n-roll in the first half, splitting the defense by spinning the ball around his waist and scoring … MarShon Brooks checked in and must’ve confused this with the And1 Mixtape Tour. We know this game is low key, at least defensively, but one of the first times he touched it, he cleared a side, dribbled in place for five seconds, lost the ball, backed it up and then started over again, going into the lane and throwing some junk up. Then he followed it up with an ugly dunk attempt that earned him the first boos of the night … In the first half, they had Jeremy Lin‘s parents on the Kiss Cam, and they refused to kiss, wouldn’t put their phones down. The crowd went crazy … Benny the Bull tried to get Victor Cruz to do his Salsa dance on the JumboTron at one point and got blatantly shot down … If you’re one of those people who LOVES the sound of a swish, you should’ve been in the house last night. Especially during the second quarter when Kemba Walker and Kyrie Irving started trading rainbows threes, they were making beautiful music out there (the rim mics could’ve been the loudest thing in the arena) … … Keep reading to hear what crazy thing Popovich said to Tony Parker the first time he saw him play …

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