Miami Goes MIA As Roy Hibbert Erupts; San Antonio Has Won 16 In A Row

05.18.12 6 years ago
Roy Hibbert

Roy Hibbert (photo. Sean Sweeney)

Roy Hibbert is so big it invites comments like Shaq‘s from Game 2 about how he needs to get 28 and 15 to live up to his God-given size. We even saw a tweet from a national writer about how he is in the category of Jamaal Magloire as players whose All-Star nods were anomalies. We can’t be sure he read those missives or heard the (rightly deserved) criticism as he stood around in Game 2. In front of a gold-out in friendly Indianapolis, though, Hibbert had the game of his playoff life. He proved again that the Heat need something to change inside with Chris Bosh out. Indiana cruised, 95-74, to take a 2-1 lead. As confident as he was tepid in Game 2, Hibbert dropped 19 points and 18 boards. … The Heat have the two best players in this series, clearly, and their top-heavy star system showed its ugly side again. Everyone on Miami’s roster gauges how the night will go if Dwyane Wade and LeBron James (22 points, seven boards) are getting theirs early. If it’s a struggle, there’s been so little delegation throughout the season to make the other guys ready to take over. Even with Mario Chalmers, whose 25 points were a team high and mostly on his nonstop drives to the cup, kept looking back at the Other Two like, “So when do your verses come in?” He kept them within five through three but then Wade popped off at Spoelstra on the sideline. He was 1-of-10 at that point and finished 2-of-13 with as many points as turnovers (five). If you thought maybe he’d be sparked by the dialogue with Spo it was too late to start that fire. He was done. We still think Miami won’t live up to its name and be MIA, but can ANYONE show that club how to shoot threes? They were 4-of-20 in Game 3. Indiana, meanwhile, was 8-of-14, led by three each from all-of-a-sudden tough guy Danny Granger (17 points) and George Hill (20 points). … Back to Hibbert real quick. How many times will Miami’s troupe of posts see this scene in their dreams: Hook with the free hand, spin opposite and get the baby hook to go. Rinse and repeat. For Miami it should be a cold shower to calm down and remember they’re the better team … Keep reading to hear about the unbeatable Spurs…

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