Ranking The Most Unfairly Low Ratings In ‘NBA 2K17’

By: 09.16.16

Getty Image / 2K

The pre-release hype for NBA 2K17 has reached levels we haven’t seen since Michael Jordan graced the NBA 2K11 cover had everyone appropriately losing their minds over his inclusion in the game.

Heading into this years’ release, we looked at 2K17’s new stick-based control scheme, a plethora of trailers, some MyCareer news, the most underrated players in this years’ game, and the greatest players in NBA 2K history. Now that the full pre-release player ratings have leaked, it’s time to look at the worst player ratings in NBA 2K17.

What makes NBA 2K ratings particularly fun to scrutinize is how active NBA players are in the NBA 2K community. Everyone has an opinion, and that makes arguing over seemingly mundane numbers interesting. Plus, let’s be honest, it gives us something to do while we wait for the NBA to return in late October.

I’ll point you toward this exchange between Portland’s C.J. McCollum, Boston’s Isaiah Thomas, and the infamous @Ronnie2K, NBA 2K’s lead in-house Twitter personality.



Do Isaiah Thomas, and the smorgasbord of other NBA players playfully whining on social media about their NBA 2K17 rating, have a point? Let’s find out.

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