No Mega-Deals In The NBA Draft; Cavs Take Kyrie Irving At No. 1

06.24.11 6 years ago 47 Comments
Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving (photo. Jon Gardiner/Duke Photography)

After all the rumors, all the trade speculation, all the gossip, our biggest trade of the day came before the draft even started. Yes, we figured Kyrie Irving would go No. 1, followed by Derrick Williams and then after that, all bets were off because the prospect level just wasn’t that good. But we wanted moves. That’s what a bad draft guaranteed us right? We wanted the Lakers to break up their core. We wanted Iggy or Ellis to change unis. We wanted Tony Parker to get a cold look from Popovich and an exit out of San Antonio. Alas, the best trade we got was one between Charlotte, Milwaukee and Sacramento. The Bucks walk away with Stephen Jackson (who isn’t happy to be going there, surprised?), Beno Udrih, Shaun Livingston and Tobias Harris. The Bobcats get Bismack Biyombo and Corey Maggette while the Kings bring back John Salmons and nab Jimmer Fredette to come fight over who gets to dribble 20 seconds off the shot clock before firing with Tyreke and DeMarcus Cousins … Portland made a great move by turning Andre Miller‘s unguaranteed contract and the body of Rudy Fernandez into Raymond Felton. Dallas walks away with Fernandez (a nice addition if he doesn’t mope) and Denver gets Miller (what’s the chances he gets bought out? 90%?) and Jordan Hamilton (one of the real sleepers in this draft) … The most surprising trade of the night was definitely San Antonio sending George Hill home to Indiana for the No. 15 pick Kawhi Leonard. As JVG said, the Spurs must really REALLY love Leonard to give up Hill for him … How about our man Isaiah Thomas getting picked with the last pick in the draft by Sacramento? Congrats … Washington has to be one of the winners. Not only is their top pick, Jan Vesely, a pimp, but “he’ll win a dunk contest someday” (which seemed to have replaced “wingspan” as the word/phrase of the night) and looks like he belongs in some terrible ’80s comedy, but they also picked up a steal in defensive stalwart Chris Singleton and Shelvin Mack, someone who can definitely make their team … Or how about Charlotte? With GM Rich Cho on board, they made out with Biyombo and Kemba Walker … Everyone we’ve talked to seems to be split on Cleveland. Some thought they hit a home run. Others weren’t feeling their picks at all. Irving’s got a chance to be special, but now they have more PGs than Kahn. And Tristan Thompson, for all of his analytical supporters, felt like somewhat of a reach at No. 4. For a team with two of the top four picks, they were in a tough spot: a weak draft, and the players at those spots didn’t really fit their needs … The second round fielded some unintentional comedy when no one could pronounce anyone’s names for about 10 minutes and all the GMs just started drunk dialing Adam Silver, asking for players who were averaging like 0.7 points a game. But there is one guy we think can be a steal: Boston’s pick at No. 55: E’Twaun Moore. He’s solid all-around, and his personality will fit that team … Do you think any of these guys will someday make the list of worst draft picks ever?Jonny Flynn must feel awesome right about now. After finally leaving Minnesota, Houston is already shopping him to interested teams … By the way, Jeremy Tyler, the project, well the Warriors paid a hefty sum for him. Try $2 million. FOR A SECOND-ROUND PICK … And this is not a joke, but Ron Artest is trying to one up Chad Ocho Cinco by changing his name to Metta World Peace … We’re out like Metta World Peace.

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