Party Like Lil Penny

02.09.09 9 years ago 12 Comments
His Party Game is CrazyHis Party Game is Crazy!

I’ll be the first to tell you that my job is very exciting. I have the opportunity to meet NBA players and work with them on a regular basis. This past Friday I had the chance to actually hit the club with one of the biggest NBA personalities in the history of Dr. Naismith’s great game.

It’s been at least eight or nine years since I have last seen my boy. I wondered what he’s been up to this whole time, and I had questions. Was he still hanging with super models? Could he still hoop? Did he still host crazy parties?

I met my boy at New York hot spot Santos Party House. If you’re not familiar, Friday night it gets stupid in there. Nightlife in this city doesn’t get poppin’ until about 1a.m., but Santos on a Friday is at capacity by 11:30. No joke.

I rolled up to the white Range Rover parked in front, and lo and behold sitting in the back seat with two bad chicks was my boy…Lil Penny.

It was good to see L.P., he’s been on the low for a minute living in the Nike Archives Department in Portland. The guys at the Swoosh decided to take Lil Penny on a little tour. We sat down at our table (yes, it was reserved for L.P.), and got it poppin’. Girls, girls, and more girls came up to say hello to Lil Penny, even some dudes came over to show some love. Q-Tip, who was on the 1’s and 2’s, had L.P. come up to the DJ booth and shouted him out to a packed Santos crowd.

LP and CGFLP and CGF

The night was fun and everyone was geeked to see Lil Penny back out in the streets. His tour is still going on. I know he hit the Celtics game and sat courtside before I met up with him at Santos. Word on the block is that L.P. will be at a few sneaker spots in the NYC area. Stay tuned.

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