Prank Wars with Nate Robinson

10.23.08 9 years ago 19 Comments
Nate RobinsonWasn’t me?

When you walk in the Knicks locker room, the atmosphere is noticeably different in the Mike D’Antoni era. Guys are loose and chatting it up with reporters and their teammates and everyone is clowning around. But if you ask the players, there is one guy who stands out among his peers.

Nate Robinson is the biggest clown,” Jamal Crawford told me after I asked him about Stephon Marbury‘s cowboy boots, making it clear to me that he wasn’t part of the clowning. “While Q and Malik Rose are the ringleaders about getting guys together, Nate is the entertainment.”

Tentative about how Nate-Rob would react to this claim, I approached the preseason superstar and laid out Crawford’s assertion.

“That’s no diss,” said Robinson. “I’m the class clown, you can say I’m the team clown. You always gotta get guy’s spirits up because some guys be down.”

Wondering what he meant by this, I asked Nate what was the best prank he ever pulled.

“I put itching powder in all Matt Barnes‘ clothes,” Robinson told me without missing a beat. “He put cream cheese in my shoes, in my dress shoes, but I did put Icy Hot in his spandex. So after the shoes, I put itching powder all over his clothes.”

What was the best prank you ever pulled on your teammates in the locker room?

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