Rasheed Wallace Will Wear No. 30 This Season

09.17.08 9 years ago 22 Comments
Detroit Pistons

Recently, some conspiracy theorists in the blogosphere pointed out that Rasheed Wallace‘s No. 36 jersey wasn’t available for sale on the Pistons’ team site. They were up in arms, writing about this in caps lock, yelling that if ‘Sheed’s jersey isn’t for sale then the trade rumors circulating all summer must be coming true.

Actually, they weren’t entirely wrong. Though Wallace isn’t going anywhere right now, there was a reason that his jersey was taken off the Pistons’ site: he’s changing from No. 36 to No. 30 – the number that he’s donned for the majority of his career – for the upcoming ’08-09 season.

My life is often governed by the laws of superstition: eat the same pre-game meal every time, always wash your hands during halftime, don’t wash a jersey coming off a win, watch the full Brian Dawkins Weapon X video immediately before taking the court, etc. If I had the success that ‘Sheed did wearing No. 30 during the Pistons’ championship ’03-04 season, I would have never changed away from it.

But after spending three years wearing 36 and having nothing to show for it, maybe Wallace’s jersey is the first piece of karma that needs to realign for the Pistons to make it back to the promised land.

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