Reggie Miller Talks Smack To Spike Lee On Twitter, Then Spike Videobombs Reggie

05.07.13 4 years ago

Reggie Miller

Exactly 18 years ago today, Reggie Miller beat New York in Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals with his iconic “eight points in 8.9 seconds” run. And now with New York and Indiana meeting again to relive their playoff rivalry, Miller and Spike Lee are having their own little game-within-the-game.

To juice up the fans’ emotions earlier in the day, Reggie baited them all on Twitter:

Later, Spike made out like Chris Bosh in a postgame interview, videobombing Miller like a pro.

But the best part of all didn’t come until the final moments of New York’s 26-point blowout win. As the seconds were ticking away in the fourth quarter, we’re pretty sure we could make out a “Reg-gie sucks!” chant serenading down from the upper deck. Eighteen years later and the fans still haven’t forgotten.

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