Report: Wiggins Jersey Discontinuation Was Coincidence

08.05.14 3 years ago 3 Comments
Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins (David Richard, USATODAY)

Strike the early discontinuation of Andrew Wiggins Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys from the list of NBA conspiracy theories. In the wake of the Wiggins jersey mania fueling speculation that the Cavs and Minnesota Timberwolves had already agreed on a Kevin Love trade, a league spokesman suggested to NBC Sports that the “discontinuation” of the rookie’s uniform was mere coincidence.

Wiggins’ jersey, the source said, was simply sold out – not prohibited from sale due to his status in ongoing talks between Cleveland and Minnesota as many assumed.

A league spokesman told that Wiggins jerseys are simply sold out. There is a temporary period on the site, before a sold out item is pulled, where it is reflected as “discontinued.” The league said this happens for all sold out items, and the link to the page that was still live over the weekend is no longer active.

Additionally, manufacturing orders for rookie jerseys of top draft picks are placed shortly after the players are selected. has jerseys for those players available as a pre-sale, and once the jersey numbers of players are confirmed, the site is updated accordingly.

Regardless, Wiggins seems bound for Minnesota once the 30-day moratorium on trading him expires August 23. And when – or just to be safe, if – that happens, don’t be surprised as revisionist history counts jersey-gate as the latest in a long line of obvious NBA conspiracies.

Do you believe the league with regard to Wiggins’ jerseys?

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