Reports Conflict On Bosh To Houston If LeBron Leaves Miami

07.09.14 3 years ago
Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh (Soobum Im/ USA TODAY Sports)

It’s been assumed that Chris Bosh is bound for the Houston Rockets if LeBron James spurns the Miami Heat for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Whether not Bosh has officially arrived at that contingency, though, remains to be seen.

ESPN first reported that Bosh has agreed to accept the Rockets four-year, $88 million offer should James opt for the Cavaliers.

In the interim, other reports emerged refuting that claim.

Media members rely on different sources for information, so it’s not surprising that two have come to different conclusions regarding Bosh. And in this specific case, there’s ample reason for certain camps within the league to float rumors and misinformation.

The chief justification behind it? Chandler Parsons’ agreement with the Dallas Mavericks. Houston has 72 hours to match Dallas’ offer sheet once Parsons signs it, but the team’s limited financial flexibility means it could be unable to retain him and sign Bosh. The Rockets’ cap space that would presumably be used to ink Bosh would be unavailable if the team matches the Mavs’ offer to Parsons. Basically, Houston needs Bosh to decide on his future – and that won’t happen without James’ choosing his, remember – in the next three days or risk losing both players.

That unfortunate proposition gives the Rockets aim to suggest that Bosh has already made up his mind to join them in hopes of precluding Parsons from signing Dallas’ offer. The layers to this season’s free agency are endless, and this is just one possible scenario for a source to mislead a reporter – there are many more to which we’re not privy.

Regardless, if Bosh hasn’t already decided to play in Houston should James leaves South Beach, it seems a foregone conclusion until he will. No team in the bidding can offer him the combination of money, on-court fit, and chance to play for a championship like the Rockets’. Plus, Bosh is a native Texan.

Like seemingly everything in the NBA right now, though, Bosh’s future hinges on LeBron’s. And even after meeting with Pat Riley in Las Vegas today, The King remains undecided. And with him, so is Bosh and the future of the Rockets.

Will Bosh sign with Houston if LeBron leaves?

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