Sixers Forward Spencer Hawes Has President Barack Obama Toilet Paper

02.14.14 4 years ago 14 Comments
Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner

Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner (Howard Smith/USA TODAY Sports)

Sixers teammates Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes must have been hanging out today because Turner posted a photo to Instagram with the caption that mentioned he was at Hawes’ abode. Two teammates hanging out together away from the court isn’t unusual, but the subject matter of Turner’s IG post certainly was, touching on both politics and potty humor in equal measure. Let’s just say Hawes isn’t a big fan of President Barack Obama, and that might be an understatement, too.

Turner’s IG post featured a borderline NSFW caption with a startling discovery on the roll of toilet paper Hawes uses in his home:

Using the toilet @spenceneedle crib and I noticed his toilet paper. I refuse to use it though lol #mudbutt #lookingforadifferentroll

Hawes is overtly conservative. He stomped his foot and pouted on Twitter when the Supreme Court voted to uphold Obama’s healthcare policy in the summer of 2012, so it makes sense he’s got the Commander-in-chief on his tee-pee.

Hawes — who share’s this author’s given name, but not our political allegiances or our respect for the U.S. President — is obviously looking for a new party in power in 2016. We hope Turner found another roll, hopefully without Jon Stewart or Hillary Clinton‘s likeness on every sheet.

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