Hilarity Ensued When Steven Adams And Andre Roberson Moonlighted As High School Football Players

By: 09.15.16

There’s this belief by some people that basketball players would make good football players based on the fact that they’re athletic and tall. These people believe that if you throw a basketball player onto a football field, you can just lob the ball in their direction and they’d turn into the most unstoppable receiver in the NFL.

This, of course, is silly, but it’s always fun to watch basketball players try out football — shout out to Klay Thompson and Jimmy Butler, the later of whom thinks he’d be the best wide out in the NFL. The latest dudes to try their hands at football are Thunder center Steven Adams and shooting guard Andre Roberson. The duo went to Heritage Hall High School in Oklahoma City and met up with the football team, where they addressed the squad while wearing pads.

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