The NBA’s 20 Best Hairstyles

01.07.13 5 years ago
Mike Woodson

The NBA is synonymous with style. Whether it’s the prime kicks the players are rocking or the clothes they’re wearing before games, after games or on red carpets, basketball and fashion have teamed up more and more as the game has achieved a larger prominence in American popular culture (bizarrely, this has all happened under the dictatorial watch of David Stern, but that irony is a post for another time). With all that being said, NBA players aren’t limited to just the clothes and accessories most people associate with style. They’ve also used their own bodies to showcase individuality that can be lost when everyone is wearing the same uniform on the court.

While hairstyles often mean the hair on people’s heads, facial hair has emerged as a canvas for players to showcase some of their zaniness. The NBA doesn’t have some atavistic facial hair policy like they’re the New York Yankees, and so players are provided an opening to indulge in some pretty peculiar facial hair as well. We decided to highlight some of the best contemporary head hair and facial hairstyles in today’s NBA.

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20. MIKE WOODSON (Goatee)

Knicks coach Mike Woodson has a goatee anyone would be proud to call their own. It’s not tufts of hair, but a veritable block of black that adorns his face, surrounding his mouth like a inexorable moat of burning oil. The same could be said for Carlos Boozer’s plasticine cap that is one step away from a fused helmet. We put them together because it’s almost as if Woodson’s goatee could be Boozer’s hair, or vice versa. We’re not really sure which one will be exposed as either a spray on, or a rug, or some other duplicitous hair substitute, but both bring us a lot joy – even if they turn out to be real. Woodson’s in particular is much more lively and endearing than the simple ‘stache or full beard he used to rock back in Atlanta or the time he was missing eyebrows after an unfortunate mistake at the barber. Woodson is much more surreal with the goatee, despite the unfortunate doppelgängers. It’s even got it’s own Twitter account!

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