The Ten Fastest Players in the NBA

11.20.08 9 years ago
Derrick RoseD-Rose

After last night’s conversation about the Ten Strongest Players in the NBA, we turned on the Bulls/Blazers late-night ESPN action, and watched perhaps the fastest player in the NBA today, Derrick Rose. He’s so freakishly fast, he doesn’t even need to make a move when he goes to the basket, he just blows by his man in one direction or the other.

I’m not sure whether he’s the singular fastest guy in the League today. Here are nine other names who deserve consideration:

* Leandro Barbosa
* Tony Parker
* T.J. Ford
* LeBron James
* Rajon Rondo
* Chris Paul
* Allen Iverson
* Monta Ellis
* Aaron Brooks

Who do you think are the ten fastest guys in the NBA today?

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