Top 10 Fantasy Shooting Guards In 2009-10

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Dwyane Wade (photo. Chad Griffith)

Dwyane Wade (photo. Chad Griffith)

Today we’re continuing our week-long look at the projected top 10 fantasy players for each position this season. We looked at the top 10 fantasy point guards yesterday and now we’re moving on to the top 10 fantasy shooting guards. Speak up if you agree or disagree with what you see and bear in mind that these lists are purely from a fantasy perspective.

1. Dwyane Wade: We all knew he was great, but last season Wade played completely out of his mind, improving on every single statistical category while staying healthy. It’s unlikely that he’ll be able to continue improving his stats so drastically, but he should be counted on for nothing less than jaw-dropping lines each night.

2. Kobe Bryant: Black Mamba’s minutes and points-per-game have been on a consistent decline for the past four seasons, but his terrific overall production has remained strong. With a stacked Lakers squad that is expected to be playing in June, expect Bryant’s minutes and points to continue on downward paths, though everything else should be relatively steady.

3. Brandon Roy: Last season Roy scored more while improving on all his shooting percentages, but his assists went down while his turnovers crept up. He’s dependable for steady all-around output every night he’s on the floor, but we’ll have to see if Roy can step it up some more, especially with Andre Miller on board in the backcourt.

4. Andre Iguodala: The 76ers are Iggy’s team now, and with a healthier roster it should be fun to see how he responds. He puts up good all-around numbers and has a shot at breaking the 20 ppg mark this season. Expect Iguodala to benefit from the presence of a healthy Elton Brand on the floor, which should open things up for the team. When all is said and done, this could be a breakout year for A.I. 2, who has a chance at finishing the season as a top 15 fantasy player.

5. Joe Johnson: His three-point prowess along with his solid points, rebounds and assists speak for themselves. The presence of Jamal Crawford on the roster does bring up some question marks for the Hawks’ backcourt, so he could see a cut in his minutes to keep him fresh for the playoffs. Nonetheless, expect reliable play from Johnson this season, who also happens to be playing for a new contract.

6. Kevin Martin: His health is an issue and the word on the street is that Martin’s looking to avoid so much contact on the court this year to keep himself healthy, but he’s still a scoring machine who pours in threes every night. With Francisco Garcia out at least four months with a forearm and wrist injury, the Kings will rely even more on Martin.

7. Jason Richardson: A faster pace is always good news for J-Rich, who should approach the 3.0 threes-per-game mark he hit in 2007-08 in Charlotte. If he can boost his assists and maintain his other stats, Richardson could creep up this list and finish a lot higher than most people expect this season.

8. Stephen Jackson: The drama between Jackson and the Warriors is unsettling and it’s unclear whether an unhappy Captain Jack will play well or not. Still, his ability to put up great all-around numbers is hard to ignore. He’s turnover-prone, shoots a low percentage from the field and with a healthier, deeper backcourt this season it appears that there’s a low ceiling for Jackson. Still, he has a knack for surprises, so don’t be too down on the disgruntled leader of this young Warriors squad.

9. Ray Allen: The arrival of Marquis Daniels helps the Celtics’ thin backcourt, but Allen, who says his ankles are feeling much better, should continue to see 34+ minutes this season. He should still be counted on for plenty of threes and decent overall production and shouldn’t be too affected by the return of Kevin Garnett.

10. O.J. Mayo: Mayo was fantastic in his rookie year and should build on those numbers this season. Allen Iverson‘s presence on the Grizzlies’ roster does spell some trouble, but expect solid lines from Mayo regardless, as he will remain the starter.

On the cusp: Manu Ginobili, Vince Carter, John Salmons, Jason Terry, Leandro Barbosa, Ben Gordon

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