Ty Lawson Puts The Pedal Down On The Nuggets Express; Serge Ibaka Quietly Beats The Knicks

03.08.13 5 years ago
Ty Lawson

Ty Lawson (photo. Nike)

No one, it seems, walks into Denver lately and comes out unscathed. The Nuggets are rolling past teams to the point if you go in on the back end of a back-to-back it’s almost an assumed loss and, welp, watch your head that you don’t get dunked on too badly. The Clippers played one of the most entertaining games of the season Wednesday night but got rolled up Thursday, 107-92, when Ty Lawson hit for 21 points and Danilo Gallinari had 20. Watching the Nugs in their 12th straight home win is like seeing a butcher put meat through a grinder. Not that this game wasn’t close — because it was tied up at half. But in the second once the Clippers stopped giving it to Blake Griffin (17 points, but just two boards?) every time down the floor in the third quarter’s first half, their offense halted. Denver started driving and kicking for threes — to Andre Iguodala (14 points, seven dimes, harassing D on Chris Paul), to Gallinari — and the lead got away from the Clips. The Nugs shot 56 percent from the field and 48 from three; there’s just not much you can do about that, though with the way Griffin was getting great looks on Kenneth Faried, it seemed like L.A. could have milked that a little longer. … Save some time to watch Wilson Chandler‘s big dunk and JaVale’s big blockJ.R. Smith‘s best games always come with a ” … but” attached. He had 36 points for his most in a game since 2011, but he didn’t even try to penetrate Oklahoma City’s defense down one on a final possession. He was the only player giving life to the Knicks in the 95-94 loss to the Thunder, but J.R. giveth and he taketh away, too. He and Russell Westbrook followed basically the same story arc Thursday, by starting out hot (Russ dropped 15 points in the first quarter, while J.R. shot 12-of-20 to start) before ending not-so-hot (Russ rolled an ankle and finishing shooting 3-of-13, and J.R. finished 2-of-9 from the field in the fourth). Without ‘Melo due to a knee injury, the Knicks needed a star to pull out the improbable win. The Thunder had two. Kevin Durant had 35 points and his pull-up fade game was nasty in spurts. Serge Ibaka (12 points, nine rebounds, five blocks) didn’t light up MSG like Steph Curry but he took on a Chandler-STAT frontline most of the game and did work. … A request: Never try to finger roll ever again, Russell, please. … You hear Dwight Howard walk back on his my old teammates were garbage (we’re paraphrasing) comment today? Next you’ll hear him say he’s surprised people don’t believe him. … Hit the jump to read about Rudy Gay calling out his old ownership …

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