Video: Alonzo Mourning & Pat Riley Want To Be Anywhere But Oklahoma City

06.13.12 6 years ago

Pat Riley and Alonzo Mourning

Look familiar? It’s not deja vu in Oklahoma City; this really is the second time TV has caught an opposing GM looking like he’s just seen a ghost from his seat in Chesapeake Energy Arena this postseason. First it was the Lakers’ Mitch Kupchak looking stunned and lonely on elimination night in the Western Conference Semifinals. Tuesday night, Heat architects Alonzo Mourning and Pat Riley were caught amid a sea of blue looking, well, pissed.

Hard to blame them. 1) The Heat lost its game-long lead late in the third quarter and saw Kevin Durant & Co. take it from there and 2) all while playing in front of an all-blue crowd, six years after Miami started the monochrome crowd fad. At least this time the camera go a full “Planet Earth” and zoom in from the rafters all the way into their forehead like TV got Kupchak. (Will this become a verb? To be Kupchak’d?) The plainly obvious looks on their faces didn’t really require much of a tighter angle, though.

What do you think?

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