Video: Kenneth Faried Destroys Dion Waiters With The Two-Handed Block

01.18.14 4 years ago

Kenneth Faried, Dion Waiters

During Cleveland’s visit to Denver, there wasn’t a lot of defense during a 117-109 Cavs win. Both teams found ample time to create offensive opportunities during the breakneck pace. But after Cav Dion Waiters stole the ball and headed the other way, Kenneth Faried changed all that with a two-handed evisceration of Waiters as he drove in to score.

Just check out this snuff:

You can tell it was a completely dominating play because after Faried passed it the other way and looked the Cavs bench down, they stood like they’d just seen Faried take Waiters’ lunch money at recess and there wasn’t anything they could do about it.

But the Cavs got the last laugh, and Kyrie Irving’s 23 points and six dimes led the way in the win.

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