Video: Rajon Rondo, Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace, Kevin Garnett Fight in Boston

11.28.12 5 years ago

nets celtics fight video

Were you watching Boston/Brooklyn tonight when all hell broke loose? Near the end of the second quarter (with BK putting it on the Celts), Kris Humphries delivered a hard foul on a Kevin Garnett drive to the basket. Rajon Rondo immediately got up in Humphries’ face, shoved him, and then things got nuts.

Rondo, Humphries and Gerald Wallace were all ejected from the game and there will likely be some sort of further disciplinary action handed down in the coming days.

Check out these two videos taken from the perspective of each team’s broadcast. The Nets announcers think KG is a bully getting his comeuppance…



It looks like the footage has been taken down, but this one is still live for the moment:

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