Video: The 1 Player From The Dream Team That Nobody Recognized

06.15.12 6 years ago

John Stockton

We’ve already talked about “The Dream Team” documentary, so we won’t rehash the details here. Instead, we’ll show you a brief clip involving one of our favorite moments. John Stockton, tired of waiting on the team bus in traffic, decides to walk the streets with his wife and kids. Emanating ’90s in every way, with that obscenely large camera and knowingly rocking short-shorts in a non-game situation, Stockton strolled through the streets undisturbed. We’re not surprised that no one recognized him in Spain – he really never sought the limelight – but the Uncle Sam dude and woman wearing the faces of the the Dream Team can’t escape blame on this one. It’s not like he played for the team they came to support or anything.

h/t Ball Don’t Lie

How many basketball fans do you know who wouldn’t recognize Stockton?

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