Video: Watch Spurs’ Forward Matt Bonner As The World’s Worst CEO

08.29.13 4 years ago


Life after the NBA can be tough for players accustomed to the limelight. At 33 years old, San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner has a few more years left in his career. Despite not being a household name (unless you’re a fan of baby carrots), Bonner will get an opportunity to view life outside the lights of the NBA as the CEO of GY&K. Bonner looks to be the CEO from hell.

Matt’s brother, Luke, also works for GY&K, and on Tuesday next week, Bonner will take over as CEO of the company while their real-life CEO attempts one of Bonner’s crazy New Hampshire-inspired offseason workouts.

Special bonus points go to Bonner’s New Hampshire slogan on the t-shirt he rocks in the opening.

[h/t BDL]

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