Video: Watch The Real Stephen Curry Offseason Workout

08.13.13 4 years ago

The “No Days off” series of Vines from Stephen Curry have been a fun distraction while we await the upcoming 2013-14 season. But that’s not really how Curry gets ready, and this off-season was the first of his career where he could go full throttle without worrying about an injury he’s rehabilitating.

The Sporting News’ DeAntae Prince spent a day with Stephen Curry going through his actual off-season workout rather than a Vine parody of the hard work he puts in every single day.

The one caveat to this summer is Seth’s health. In his previous summer’s off, Curry had been trying to recuperate from ankle problems that limited him to just 23 starts in the 2011-12 season. But a remarkable second half last season, one where he didn’t suffer another ankle injury, means a summer free of rehabilitation.

Here are some of the drills Curry goes through during his three-hour workout that doesn’t include weights at Accelerate Basketball. First, he practices going through basketball motions with a pulleyy attaching weight to his waist to hinder his mobility.

That’s not the end of adding resistance, like a deliberative Harrison Bergeron, to build up Curry’s muscles when a real defender is mugging him before he goes up for a shot.

The trainers at Accelerate Basketball, including Curry’s skills trainer Brandon Payne, hit him with light foam pads to mimic contact while he’s shooting a jumper.

Then come the ball-handling skills that helped Steph dish more dimes last season (6.9 per game) than he ever has over his four-year career.

Hit page 2 for Steph’s unreal shooting drill…

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