Watch Tony Allen Earn One Of The Weirdest Technical Fouls You’ll Ever See

05.16.13 4 years ago

Tony Allen

Tony Allen is a great defender, earning another All-Defensive First Team selection this year (his second-straight selection to the First Team). Besides adding that shutdown mentality on the wings, the former Celtic also enhances the Grizzlies with a little bit of “crazy.” Every great team needs that. Ever since he started getting consistent minutes in Memphis, Allen has taken the team’s gritty attitude and supercharged it, even if he sometimes still goes a little too far.

Last night in the third quarter, he picked up a technical foul for tossing his towel onto the floor as Derek Fisher was attempting a three-point shot. Did he do it on purpose? It doesn’t seem that way, especially once you check out his reaction… and I doubt Fisher even noticed until after he released the jumper. Basically, it’s just another highlight to add to Allen’s personal cheerleading video.

What’s the craziest technical foul you’ve ever seen?

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