We Reminisce: 25 Years Ago, Seattle Drafted Scottie Pippen

06.28.12 6 years ago

Scottie Pippen

As our friends at Draft Packs remember, on draft night in 1987, 25 years ago, Scottie Pippen was taken No. 5 overall. Because time has warped our recollections of that night, most probably figure it was Chicago that took him. That was the only NBA team he ever played for up until going to Houston after winning his sixth title in the Windy City. Instead, it was Seattle that took him, and ultimately traded him to the Bulls for… wait for it… Olden Polynice (as well as a second round selections in 1988 or 1989 and the option to exchange first round selections in 1989). The big lumbering center, who’s greatest career achievement was impersonating a police officer, played in over 1,000 career NBA games. But it’s still safe to say this trade helped spark a dynasty.

What would’ve happened had Pippen never been traded to Chicago?

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